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School priorities for 2016-17 and beyond


After a large increase in school numbers last year, Governors have remained firm on keeping the school full at 136. If our school grows any larger, we will start to lose all the wonderful facilities we have! Sadly we cannot meet the ever growing demand for places.


Last year we did a great deal of work on assessments and breaking down the skills in a ‘P’ level into very small steps. We now have a system that really works well for us and helps with assessments and next steps in learning. Other special schools in the region have visited to see our assessments and pupils’ books.


This year all of our assessments are being moved onto a new software. This means that we will have even more accurate data available termly enabling staff to plan more effectively, set challenging targets, inform next steps and include intervention strategies in their teaching.


Teaching and Learning is a strength of the school. The drive towards excellence will continue with the school ensuring all staff continue to receive appropriate training. As well as supporting teaching and learning, we provide a wide range of in house training in a number of different areas such as Behaviour Management, Moving and Handling, Makaton and Child Protection.



How are we doing?

We are delighted that so many of you took the time to reply to our annual questionnaire in June 2016.


See below some of the wonderful comments that were written in our 2016 survey.


  • This school is a lovely place to send any child. Every person is happy and helpful and caring to every child that goes to this excellent school.
  • Superb and wonderful school, teachers and leadership, couldn’t really ask for better.
  • The school is outstanding on every level with its ethos and attitude and how it sees each pupil as an individual with its own needs . Every opportunity is a learning opportunity and always striving to give each child independence!
  • This school is a shining example of the provision every child deserves!
  • Since starting school my child has grown into the beautiful young person she is with the help of all the staff at Old Park School.
  • My son loves going to school each day. Excellent school with good teachers, good transport, cannot praise enough.
  • Staff are brilliant, the teachers dedicated and this shows through the progression my own (and no doubt others) have made.


The analysis for our 2016 questionnaire is posted below.