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Parent and Carer questionnaires

How are we doing? 2016-17 feedback.

Thanks to all of you who returned our annual questionnaire for 2016 -7. This helps us understand what we are doing well and areas where we could do better.  Your comments help us make decisions about school events and improvements in the coming year.


We received many positive comments about the work we do, and some of them are shown below:


q My child loves this school
q Staff are very professional in their attitude and it is clear they take pride in their roles and clearly enjoy what they do. The amount of effort they put into the school is phenomenal
q Excellent school, where my child is making excellent progress, highly recommend it.
q A fantastic school with teachers that are passionate about the pupils they teach and what they do.
q Communication is key with a Special School and I’ve always been able to speak with the Head Teacher, Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants.
q The physical activity sessions for swimming and rebound have made a huge difference in developing core strength.
q The increase in sensory provision and the schools understanding for my autistic son has improved his quality of time at school immensely.
q I really cannot praise the school and its staff enough. My son really enjoys his time there and it is very clear how crucial you all are to his development. Thank you all so much.
qSince starting this school my daughter has gone from strength to strength. She could not have been at a better school.


These are the areas where you felt we could improve:

qThe length of time pupils spend in assemblies can be too long at times .
q The school has continued to grow and there was concern about class sizes.
q Some parents were happy with home school communication, others felt they needed. more information about their child's eating and behaviour as well as leaning.
q Several of you felt the school website information could be easier to use.
q Some wanted better awareness of what the Governing Body do, and knowing how to contact them.

How are we doing? 2015-16 feedback

We are delighted that so many of you took the time to reply to our annual questionnaire in June 2016.


See below some of the wonderful comments that were written in our 2016 survey.


  • This school is a lovely place to send any child. Every person is happy and helpful and caring to every child that goes to this excellent school.
  • Superb and wonderful school, teachers and leadership, couldn’t really ask for better.
  • The school is outstanding on every level with its ethos and attitude and how it sees each pupil as an individual with its own needs . Every opportunity is a learning opportunity and always striving to give each child independence!
  • This school is a shining example of the provision every child deserves!
  • Since starting school my child has grown into the beautiful young person she is with the help of all the staff at Old Park School.
  • My son loves going to school each day. Excellent school with good teachers, good transport, cannot praise enough.
  • Staff are brilliant, the teachers dedicated and this shows through the progression my own (and no doubt others) have made.


The analysis for our 2016 questionnaire is posted below.