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Post 16 Class 3

Class 3 is our group of young people who have a diagnosis of ASD.  This is a smaller cohort of students who benefit from more structured teaching. 


These students work towards OCR life and living skills units.


Students work on key skills within Maths and English and then transfer these to everyday real life experiences.  Class 3 visit the local community to take part in everyday life activities.  These include visits to supermarkets to buy their own ingredients for cooking sessions, visits to local cafés and parks and accessing community facilities such as restaurants and the cinema.  They also take part in cookery lessons where they develop their independence further and learn to make simple snacks.


The whole phase comes together for 'Choices for Life' weeks which are held once every term.  Again, these are student led and the students all complete evaluations after every 'Choices' week where feedback and suggestions help to create future weeks.  These weeks are in preparation for life Post 19 where students will have to learn how to manage their time themselves when not in college or at placements.