28th June 2023

Hi, I'm George. I'm a Teaching Assistant at Old Park School in Dudly, UK. A wonderful place that looks after and educates students between 6 - 19 years with various learning and profound physical disabilities.

Since lockdown I started to grow my hair and then one day decided it needed to go. I love the school I work at; no two days are the same and the students are incredible, they never stop amazing or inspiring us to do more. I want to give them something wonderful, and after much consideration I thought about resources to improve our playground.

I can't do it by myself, I need YOUR HELP! Your donations could potentially pay for new toys, sports equipment, playground apparatus and bikes that will be accessible to our students.

I have a target of £500 that will be spent across the school, but the more we raise the more we can do.

Thank you for reading this, your generosity and time is greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you're wondering what will happen to the hair...I'll be donating that to The Little Princess Trust and sending them a personal donation.

Thanks, George :)


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