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EYFS Personal, Social, Emotional Development, PSHE including RSHE,

14-19 Independent Living

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Social, Emotional and Mental Health


Our curriculum offer will ensure that all learners feel safe and protected; developing a sense of self, taking responsibility for their actions and showing awareness of others.

Our SMILE approach will underpin this.


At Old Park School we to strive to maximise the potential for our pupils to engage as fully as possible in the world around them in a positive and socially acceptable way. Our PSHE including RSHE curriculum aims to give pupils the opportunity to experience, explore and discuss the following key areas;

  • respect, tolerance and appreciation for others by tackling bullying, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. This includes recognising the value in oneself
  • body development and changes, including emotional changes
  • emotional wellbeing, understanding healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and how to request support to access these if needed, how to cope with change, and how to form and maintain new friendships and relationships
  • what constitutes healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships (including professional, platonic and romantic) and the distinction and boundaries between these
  • opportunities and language needed for recognition and communication of wants, needs, wishes, feelings, likes, dislikes, pain, and illness
  • healthy lifestyles, including in terms of diet, exercise, hygiene, relationships, risk-taking behaviour and access to routine and specialist healthcare as needed

In addition to opportunity to promote and encourage proactive safeguarding lies at the heart of what we deliver. This includes:

  • understanding that no one has the right to do anything to your body that you are not happy with or that hurts you; along with giving students the means to communicate this
  • ability to grant and withdraw consent in any situation
  • understanding that everyone has a right to feels safe, and the means to communicate if this is not the case
  • understanding of suitable sources of help and the means to access these
  • accurate vocabulary to promote clear and effective communication about the human body
  • understanding of relevant laws around sexual activity, and the potential consequences of breaking these (specifically the age of consent, the definition of sexual assault/ rape, and the creation or viewing of sexual image of a child under the age of 18) as appropriate for individual groups/ students

Our PSHE including RSHE curriculum feeds directly into Preparation for Adulthood and the 4 areas indicated within the PfA framework (Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health).


PSHE Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

More information can be found in our PSHE including RSHE Intent, Implementation and Impact statement below.


Parent/Carer PSHE including RSHE Consultation

A parent/carer consultation was held between 13th January 2022 and 21st January 2022 to seek views on our proposed PSHE including RSHE curriculum across school. No questions or queries were raised. Parents/carers reported that they were happy with the curriculum model and supporting policies and documentation.


Our SMILE Approach

SMILE is an approach that was developed by Barry Carpenter and Forest Oak School in Solihull. It is based around the NHS 5 Ways to Well-Being and is used at Old Park School to underpin our work in supporting the emotional health and well-being of our school community. More information can be found in our SMILE approach overview document below.

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