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Learning at home


At Old Park School we want to work with parents and carers to support learning both at home and school. The types of homework are varied for each child. Our policy is underpinned by the belief that we want to support and work with you to help your child achieve the very best they can.


Homework can be a whole range of things. It will vary for each child and is likely to change as a pupil gets older, develops, or if their needs and priorities change. For example, it may include:


  • the practice of skills that are being learnt at school such as reading, writing and research.
  • home and school working on consistent strategies for behaviour following an agreed behaviour support plan.
  • using particular symbols, signs or objects or words to support your child's understanding and communication.
  • using a particular communication aid or system at home that has been advised by therapists.
  • family and school using consistent strategies to support a child needing sensory information.
  • working on a toileting, dressing or eating/drinking programme.


Appropriate reading books or activities will be sent home from Key Stage 1-3. Pupils in Key stages 4 and 5 will have age appropriate reading activities as part of their homework.


Homework is not given to our youngest children in the Foundation Stage but it remains central to work together collaboratively with parents.


Please talk to your child's teacher if you want more support or guidance in this area and also use the opportunities at parents evening or at your child’s EHCP meeting to discuss further.


Role of Parents

The school views the support of parents as essential to the effective use of homework. All parents will be acquainted with the School’s homework policy.


Monitoring and Communication

Each class teacher will be responsible for monitoring their pupils’ homework. The class teacher will be responsible for liaison with parents on matters relating to homework. If appropriate your child will have a homework book for their homework. 




Homework policy