Occupational Therapist - Lucy Burton

The Dudley Children's Occupational Therapy service see children between the ages of 0-18 years who have physical, sensory or perceptual difficulties, which affect their daily activities/occupations. This may include:

Self Care:
Eating & Drinking
Toileting, Bathing and Personal Hygiene
Mobility & Seating

School and Nursery Activities:
Scissor skills
Organisational skills


What does the service provide?

Individual and group therapy sessions using graded activities in a supportive environment, leading to improved skills, confidence and self esteem.
Information and advice on equipment or strategies to enable participation in daily activities.
Activity advice to be carried out at home or school.
Liaison with parents, teachers and other professionals.

Treatment approaches used include:
Neurodevelopmental therapy
Sensory Integration
Perceptual Motor therapy
Developmental approaches
Skills training
Cognitive approaches

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