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School Council receiving sponsorship cheque from the Buffs 2016

School Council receiving sponsorship cheque from the Buffs 2016 1

Old Park School Council meets each term. Every class has a suggestions box and pupils discuss ideas in their classes and then bring suggestions to the School Council meetings. Sometimes we have themes to discuss, such as how we keep safe or healthy.


The impact of pupil voice:


In 2014 Council members asked for tactile panels around school. We asked for sponsorship from Wolves Trust, Friends of Old Park School (FOOPS) and Armstrong Fluid Technology. With help from our sponsors we were able to work with Mike Ayres designs and install purpose-built tactile panels in all parts of the school. Pupils can feel different textures, match colours and the panels reinforce location around the building. They are a wonderful resource for all areas of the curriculum.


In 2015 Council members asked for playground markings to support their playtimes. We asked for sponsorship from the Buffs and were able to install the markings in 2016. The markings are useful both for imaginative play and also support the curriculum and physical activity.

Tactile Panels

Tactile Panels 1
Tactile Panels 2
Tactile Panels 3
Tactile Panels 4
Tactile Panels 5
Tactile Panels 6
Tactile Panels 7

Playground Markings

Playground Markings 1
Playground Markings 2
Playground Markings 3